service overview

Professional Translations


A good translation is more than just a word-for-word transfer. Linguistic characteristics and cultural particularities have to be taken into consideration to make the translation suitable for the target audience and to maintain the effect the text has had in the source language. Flawless linguistic skills in speech and writing – despite having un understanding for the respective culture – are essential for high-quality translations. Ultimately, studying translations is what makes the difference between lay translators and professional ones.

That is what I provide for my clients: professional translations and not only simple word-transfers. They are reasoned texts which convince because of their idiomatic transmission from the source language into the target language and keep their quality and impact.


Languages: English – German – French 

Web Content Development


For the creation of web content, the client and the publication channel are important. However, there are many more aspect which have to be kept in mind to ensure a successful online performance like Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO), Keyword-Research or the Ranking of the text.

Content which is available online is getting more and more every second and therefore it can become rather difficult to assert oneself. You want to reach more customers with you web content? You want to be among the first hits in search requests? I author high-quality web content for you that matches perfectly to your current situation. This will help to accomplish your business goals in content marketing.


Specialised fields: Marketing, Technical Content, E-Commerce, Economy and much more.



What is the difference between localisations and translations? In contrast to a translation, a localisation requires an additional adaptation to fit properly in the target group. This means that while translating and after the translation process, the text will be analysed and adapted to have the same impact the text has had for the readers in the source language. Advertising slogans for example are often quite simple to translate (at least literally) but what is way more difficult is to get the message across. To create the same function in the target language, there are more aspects which are relevant.


Localisation of: Websites, Software, Slogans, Amazon-Listings, etc.

Copy Editing/Proofreading


For most texts – no matter if written in the mother tongue or in a foreign language – accuracy and flawlessness are essential and actually a basic prerequisite. On the one hand, a high-quality text without any mistakes shall be given to the recipients to provide them with a positive reading experience and to give a proper understanding of the content, on the other hand, if there is a lack of quality, these aspects cannot be ensured. Orthographic mistakes, mistakes in terms of grammar, diction, etc., are always a sign of bad quality or an unprofessional way of working.

From bachelor thesis to letters of application to translations: I will help you that whenever you have texts to publish/submit/file or anything similar they will be coherent and error-free.

Note: Copy Editing doesn’t mean rewriting! Copy editing can also show that you could need a completely new text.


Copy Editing: scientific papers, application letters, website content, translations, magazines, articles, e-mails, etc.