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Professional Translations


A good translation is more than just a word-for-word transfer. Linguistic characteristics and an understanding of cultural particularities are crucial for a proper the translation. Flawless linguistic skills in oral and written language are naturally a must.


Keeping the quality high and creating an idiomatic reproduction of a text in another language, that's what I provide to my clients: high quality content convincing because of the idiomatic transmission while still having the effect that was intended at the first place.


Languages:      English         –         German         –         French 

SEO & Content Optimization



Online Content is getting more and more every single second and keeping the visibility high can be really tough. There is a lot of competition, high-quality content is hard to find and Amazon's or Google's algorithms are constantly changing their rules. 


To boost your ranking and your sales, I provide:


SEO translations with Keyword Reseach as well as Listing Optimizations (Amazon, eBay) and Content Optimization. This will help to accomplish your business goals in content marketing and increase your visibility, your traffic and your sales.


Keyword Research       -       SEO      -      High Quality Content



What is the difference between localisations and translations?


In contrast to a translation, a localisation requires an additional adaptation to fit properly in the target group. This means that while translating and after the translation process, the text will be analysed and adapted to have the same impact the text has had on the readers in the source language, especially when it comes to marketing and entertainment. Advertising slogans for example are often quite simple to translate (at least literally) but what is way more difficult is to get the message across.


That's why I focus on the audience, the target groups and on what stands between the lines.


 Websites - Software - Marketing - ADs  - Games  - etc.